Ultrasound also termed sonography, ultrasonography, and Doppler study- is a non-invasive diagnostic medical technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images (sonogram) of the internal structures of the body. These sound waves are not detectable by human hearing. At Noble Heart Hospital, we have a highly skilled team of experienced and best Radiologists and Technicians in Rohtak. The highly advanced technology combined with high expertise ensures 100% accurate results that help build the right diagnosis. Our expert Radiologists are competent enough to analyze and interpret the ultrasound images.

Ultrasound imaging of the abdomen is fast, easy and painless. There may be varying degrees of discomfort from pressure as the radiologist or sonographer guides the transducer over your abdomen, especially if you are required to have a full bladder. Fetal ultrasound is a specialized form of ultrasound test performed during the pregnancy period. It helps in the creation of an image of the baby present within the mother’s womb. It’s considered a safe way to monitor the health of the unborn baby. In the course of fetal ultrasound, the baby’s vital organs like head, heart, spine, etc. are assessed. The test is conducted either transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds respectively.

There are different types of available ultrasound tests in Rohtak that are used to determine fetal health.

  • Standard ultrasound

It makes use of sound waves for creating two-dimensional images to be made visible on a computer screen.

  • Doppler ultrasound

It helps to exhibit the blood flow into the baby’s heart through the umbilical cord. It also displays the movement of blood between the baby and the placental sack.

  • 3-D ultrasound

It creates a lifelike image of the unborn baby and distinct visibility of its body features.

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures:-

  • FNAC
  • Biopsy
  • Drainage of Collection
  • PCN