As the mobile arm of the Noble Heart Hospitals emergency response team, our main role is to respond to Emergency Calls, getting medical help to patients who have serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses as quickly as possible. We handle almost all calls across Rohtak, Jhajjar & Neighbouring Cities.

Every time we receive a call, our dedicated staffs record the relevant details and useful information about the nature of the patient’s illness or injury to ensure they are sent the right medical help.

Our Ambulance Services in Rohtak are provided with the “Best Care” possible with patient comfort and care being our top priority without compromise.

Our mini hospitals on wheels are specially chosen to offer superior patient comfort with state of art medical technology & expertise. In addition to providing the best Advanced Life Support (ALS) care, we also have a fleet of Specialized Life Support (SLS) ambulances certified on all levels – Adult, Paediatric, and Neonatal. To staff these vehicles, we have highly qualified Emergency Response Team, who are specially trained in basic life support, acute cardiac life support, advanced trauma life support, to attend to any given emergency situation. Critical Care certification teaches our experienced paramedics to utilize advanced equipment such as ventilators, invasive monitoring devices and lines, and other such equipment found in intensive and critical care settings. In any emergency (serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses) don’t forget to call your super specialty & best hospital in Rohtak.