General Surgery

The General Surgery Department at Noble Heart Hospital offers complete medical treatments and services with the support of well-trained staff, expert doctors, and a well-equipped operation theatre. Noble Heart Hospital is well-appointed with the leading-edge equipment in general and laparoscopic surgery.

At the General Surgery department, patients get the benefits of one on one appointment with the doctor, consultation with our highly specialized doctor, proper treatment, and above all satisfaction.

We are committed to the speedy recovery of the patients. That is why we follow modern practices such as laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery. These practices ensure fewer pain and less bleeding after the operation which is always having an edge over the traditional open surgeries.

As stated earlier, we make our patients comfortable during the treatment and try to give a motherly care to all our patients. Because we aspire to the best as an aspiration is nothing without action.

From the ‘Emergency Surgery’ (which includes blunt, accidents and penetrating injuries; perforation peritonitis, acute abdomen, gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, etc.) to ‘Planned surgery’ (which includes esophageal diseases like achalasia cardia, reflux diseases, benign, achalasia cardia and cancerous conditions; stomach ulcers, bleeding, tumor and cancer, cysts, biliary stones, gallbladder, tumors, pancreatitis and pancreatic tumors, splenectomy, thyroidectomy, adrenalectomy, benign salivary, gland tumors) we use the latest technology that provides the highest safety standards. While treating you, our expert surgeons ensure that your procedure is quick, stable, and painless so that you get well soon.

We are NABH accredited, and provide world-class health services in Rohtak, we have the top General Surgeons in Rohtak. At Noble Heart hospital you will find a comfortable stay, private ambiance with imported motorized beds. We are using the best cutting-edge technology including fully equipped operating theaters for advanced surgeries with all essential back-up facilities.

We’ve brought the Rohtak’s best talent of doctors to give you the best surgical care. Noble Heart Hospital’s surgery team has been a pioneer in General Surgeries to treat different types of medical conditions such as sudden surgery. Our doctors are committed to providing one-on-one care and our professionals use their extensive experience to develop customized surgical plans for each patient. Our team creates a comfortable, safe, supportive and pleasant environment for the patients.