About Me:

Meet Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, a distinguished addition to our medical team at Noble Heart Hospital. With an impressive background in medicine, Dr. Agarwal brings a wealth of experience in Endoscopic ENT, Head Neck, and Cancer surgeries, including expertise in Cochlear Implant Surgery. His credentials include MBBS, MS, and DNB, and he has a notable history as an Ex-Consultant at Fortis, Gurugram, Ex-Visiting Consultant at Apollo Group of Hospitals, and Ex-Consultant at Moolchand Hospital, Vimhans, and Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi. Dr. Agarwal is renowned for his proficiency in various procedures, such as Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Bloodless Tonsil Surgeries, Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, Rhinoplasty, and more. His commitment to patient care and comprehensive medical expertise makes him a valuable asset to our hospital. We are excited to welcome Dr. Neeraj Agarwal to our team, where his dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing quality healthcare services.

👩‍⚕️Dr. Neeraj Agarwal to Noble Heart Hospital

🌟 Credentials:
– Specializes in Endoscopic ENT, Head Neck, Cancer, and Cochlear Implant Surgery

🏥 Experience:
– Ex-Consultant at Fortis, Gurugram
– Ex-Visiting Consultant at Apollo Group of Hospitals
– Ex-Consultant at Moolchand Hospital, Vimhans, Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi

💡 Expertise:
– Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery and CSF Leak Repair
– Bloodless Tonsil Surgeries
– Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
– Rhinoplasty
– And more!

🌐 Previous Affiliations:
– Fortis, Gurugram
– Apollo Group of Hospitals
– Moolchand Hospital
– Vimhans
– Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi

🔍 Specializations:
Endoscopic FESS, DNS & Nose Surgery
Endoscopic Ear, Mastoid, Stapes, and Cochlear Implant Surgery
Voice Box (MLS) Surgery
Thyroid & Parotid Surgeries
Oral & Laryngeal Cancer Surgery